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v1x0001 title screen

Operative.Online Tactics is a tactical shooter roguelike card game where the player guides their Operative through a high-stakes infiltration mission into enemy territory. The player must flip cards to explore on their way to the mission objective. Each flipped card can be a new threat or a game-changing asset that alters the layout of the play area. The unique turn-based combat boils a first-person shooter mechanics down into a moment-by-moment tactical shootout.

Operative.Online Tactics is currently in open beta and may be played for free at https://enkrdn.tech/oot.

Operative.Online Tactics is the first release in the Operative.Online Universe from ENCHIRIDION, an independent game studio.

The first version of Operative.Online Tactics (v1x0001) was released on the PICO-8 platform on December 31, 2020. An upgrade to the game is planned for 2022 and will be released with the Unity platform.

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